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Crocodile leather wallet

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Squeezing the real crocodile skin for men of Viet Phong is not only of high aesthetic value. It also stands out in both its durability and high quality.

When it is made up of the hands of skilled, professional and experienced craftsmen. Especially in the field of tanning and fashion industry.
In which, a cheap, whole crocodile leather for men of Viet Phong will be a wonderful fashion accessory skillfully honoring the elegance and nobility of the user. You can bring this Viet Phong 2-sided leather purse to work, to a party, to attend a conference or to go out. Guaranteed to look very nice and classy.

In particular, men are often quite picky in choosing a bag with outfits. Then you can choose to buy the cheap genuine men’s crocodile leather products in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi a unique golden brown brand name to combine with jeans and pants.

Viet Phong Shop is committed to providing customers with genuine fashion products. Coupled with high durability, quality from real crocodiles. Inherently, alligator is a high quality material, with high thickness, durability, and elasticity. Especially difficult to tear, crack, flake and withstand the change of the environment.

Where to buy a crocodile leather purse in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi, how much does it cost?

Currently, Viet Phong has incorporated a few more leather processing techniques. This helps to increase the insulation ability of the product. Help squeeze real crocodile skin cheap, whole Vietnamese Phong for men more difficult to catch fire. And don’t get scratched even when you apply strong force.

At the same time, your wallet will always be as beautiful as when you first bought it. Although you have to take it off often, tighten it up without the appearance of tears like other conventional products.

Vietnamese Phong crocodile leather wallet in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi

Considered as one of the hottest fashion trends because of its prestige, genuine, specializing in distributing and selling branded products with luxurious designs, high-end, beautiful designs, variety but still not lost. the comfort of the fashionista in each product.

Thanks to its compact and sophisticated innovative design that is suitable for luxury ladies and strong lines in elegant gentleman’s products, Viet Phong leather wallet is real, cheap Genuine, whole child has become the great choice of modern fashion. Suitable for you to use when going out, going to work, going to school … or becoming a meaningful gift for relatives and friends.

Each product of Viet Phong’s Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi crocodile leather wallet represents the perfect combination between the right selection of high quality raw materials, breakthrough creative thinking. in each design, and the meticulousness of the hands of the craftsman taking care of every small detail creates a product squeeze crocodile skin a day worth from time to time.

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