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Crocodile leather backpack

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Buying a crocodile leather backpack in Viet Phong will ensure the most genuine and premium brand. Special guarantee compared to many other stores. The backpack products are made from real crocodile material. It will definitely be a very long durability and the longer the skin looks beautiful.

Crocodile leather backpack (backpack) Viet Phong has a modern production process under the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen. They have created thousands of products with excellent durability and quality.

Customers who come to Viet Phong leather backpack always appreciate and trust the brand of this luxury store.

In modern style, crocodile leather backpack is designed with eye-catching designs, diverse colors. Products to meet the requirements of both men and women. Many of you use rectangular fashion bags, hand-held, cross-worn …, easy to coordinate, exuding solemnity and politeness.

Viet Phong leather backpack – Luxury backpack

VP provides trendy and trendy designer backpacks for both men and women. Not many shops selling crocodile backpack have many backpack models suitable for many customers like Viet Phong. Surely you will find the most beautiful and satisfied product that shows your level and personality.

Where to buy crocodile leather backpack in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Colors are many you choose such as green moss, brown, silver. Safe and guaranteed material does not lose the features and advantages of this skin type.

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