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Crocodile leather bag

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Viet Phong cheap luxury crocodile leather handbag (pair) is one of the indispensable accessories for women and men. Because it shows the luxury, class for those who own that cross bag, basket, briefcase.

Are you looking for a durable albino alligator leather handbag? You love leather goods but are wondering what quality leather handbags should you buy? Come to suitcase, Viet Phong leather cross-bag . One of the types that is trusted for its elegance and quality.

Whole crocodile leather bags and handbags Viet Phong brand is still popular with many women. Because fashion style is always at the forefront of fashion trends in terms of design as well as aesthetics.

With all styles, sizes, and colors, it will make sisters admire their admiration. Since each bag has its own unique “identity,” no second is exactly the same. Each crocodile has a different skin structure, so the product has a special texture. And maybe the only one cannot have the second one.

If you can afford a bag of Viet Phong crocodile in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi. Then please rest assured that our products will “unique” on the market of high-end crocodile leather high-end cheap cross bags.

Viet Phong brand crocodile leather bags and bags bring a whole new level to them compared to regular bags

Genuine albino crocodile leather handbag in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi is a fashion basket. It can be said that Viet Phong crocodile leather office pair a real man, a brand name is one of the items that ladies desire to own. Because of its artistry and aesthetics, it cannot be compared with any other Viet Phong handbag.

If anyone owns this Nam Viet Phong alligator bag, they also feel that they become more expensive. And received countless admirable eyes from everyone when they saw you on the street.

Where to buy high-end crocodile leather cross-belt bag in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

One of the most popular selling places to mention is Viet Phong. The place specializes in providing all kinds of goods made from cro skin such as briefcases, bags, purses, belts.

With all kinds of prices, sizes and guaranteed quality, clear origin, prestige. Come to VP to experience the premium pair products. VP is always ready to welcome customers warmly and thoughtfully. Sincerely thank you!

How to identify authentic and fake alligator leather and men and women office handbags

Look at the skin texture

The unique skin structure is that: “the longer you use it, the more natural the skin’s surface luster will be and the softer the skin will be”, which you absolutely won’t find in imitation leather, instead, Faux leather types will be much firmer and less elastic.

View sales price

A cheap whole crocodile leather office bag has the lowest price from 700,000 VND / piece, so if you see anywhere that sells bags or any product with prices below 600,000 VND, please Be careful as it could be fake (unless you buy the item 2hand)

How to identify real and fake alligator leather handbags by leather color

If one looks closely, the whole female crocodile leather bag usually possesses colors such as: cockroach yellow, bright yellow, black, brown and reddish brown, especially on those leather pieces. there appear some tiny holes with scratches, … these points are created by the toenails kicked each other’s skin while alive. Where to buy male albino crocodile leather handbag in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Physically distinguished

There are two easiest ways to distinguish, that is to distinguish by using a drop of water on the surface of the skin and waiting for a few minutes, if the skin is real, you will see the water dripping into the skin, if it is fake leather, it will roll away.

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