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Cross-carry bag

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Viet Phong crocodile leather cross-bag, one of the leading brand products in style. The design of the bag as well as the quality are popular with many people.

Viet Phong crocodile leather cross-bag is proud of having outstanding advantages, not only bringing its own style and originality. But also shows the luxury and class worthy. Viet Phong crocodile cross-bag is definitely the place to send your faith.

Viet Phong is a name that is familiar to all customers using cross bags with high-end brands. All fashion accessories for men and women provided by VP such as belts, leather wallets, shoes, bags … will satisfy the most demanding customers.

When talking about leather bags from animals sure that alligators predominate over other common leather. Considered as “diamond” in all animal skin. Crocodile skin has a rugged texture, rough and thick skin, so it withstands external forces very well.

Where to buy crocodile leather crossbones in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

In addition, the skin is not electrostatic, insulated from the surroundings. Unmatched elasticity increases the endurance of challenges over time. Unique and strange from raw materials and extremely high ventilation makes consumers excited. Guaranteed to make you eye-catching at first sight.

Crocodile Leather Crossing Bags Genuine Viet Phong Prestige is made entirely from real leather

Therefore, bags from Viet Phong have all the advantages of this excellent leather. You can find all kinds of high quality alligators here such as whole skin, double skin, albino skin … Thanks to that, Viet Phong alligator cross bags becomes brand names are most sought after.

Come to Viet Phong to be able to experience the high quality and high quality handbag products for yourself.

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