Cow leather handbag


Viet Phong Cow Leather Handbag – For modern and developing life like today, the feeling of warm and full dress has been gradually changed by eating well. That is because, nowadays, the trend of updating new things from famous countries is something that everyone has thought and applied. The investment in fashion is not just for men or women, but for all ages. Desire to become stylish, more stylish that everyone pursues. Not just clothes, but also accessories from shoes, wallets, belts and branded cowhide bags. This article Viet Phong will work with you to find out details about this product as well as where to buy branded cowhide handbags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi so as not to buy fake goods.

Introduction of cowhide handbags

Cowhide handbags are now an indispensable fashion accessory for men and women. The bag is used as a regular accessory in any situation such as going out, going to school or going to the office … Nowadays, cowhide (double-sided) leather handbags have been improved and changed to suit in line with modern fashion trends. With many designs and sizes. Especially, the demand for customers with genuine cow leather bags is increasing day by day, so the product lines are more and more diversified.

Premium branded cowhide bags are understood as handbags made entirely from high quality natural cowhide and undergo tanning process to make the skin glossy and have a longer use time. , unlike PU or Simili leather types.

Some common types of cowhide (double-sided leather) like

– Cowhide leather: This is a high-class leather, undergoing tanning process, the finished leather will be perfect without applying wax or paint particles to cover the defects. Therefore, you will see the skin print on the handbag. Cowhide is still aniline dyed in the tanning process, and there is no color coating on the leather surface so the skin is very breathable, soft and elastic.

– Waxed cowhide: This type of leather is also tanning under the Aniline method but then there will be a polishing process with wax oil. These leather bags are also durable, but the downside is that after the use of the leather, they will be worn away and leave a lighter skin area making your bag more vulnerable. more scratched.

– Grain cow leather: Means skin after being treated to minimize natural errors such as scratches, scars in the life of the cow. The skin will be covered with opaque pigment and embossed to ensure uniformity on the skin surface and prevent fading.

– Smooth cow skin: Combine with natural appearance with tanning technique, so that the product creates a uniform color and prevents bad effects from external forces during the use of the product.

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Cow leather handbag

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Cow leather handbag


Advantages of cowhide handbags

Because usually cowhide handbags for men and women have advantages over other synthetic materials. Because of the durability and beautiful aesthetics of cowhide handbags, it is always the first choice of fashion followers. The outstanding advantages of cowhide handbags (2-sided leather) must include as follows:

– The biggest advantage is the aesthetics of branded cowhide handbags. Compared to the past, the only bags around and classic, repeat now cow leather handbags have become a lot more diverse in design and style for men and women rich beauty. Creating the luxury for the user.

– Owning durable goods: Compared to other materials, cowhide (2-sided leather) branded products have almost perfect durability. The bag you just bought you will find it feels quite hard, but the longer you use it, the skin will soften, but the skin quality will not change or lose the form. During use, you can apply the lotion on the bag to make the bag shiny again.

– There are many leather materials for you to choose from raw leather, painted leather, waxed leather without fear of being boring, suitable for all customers.

– Reasonable price of fish: The durability of high-quality branded cowhide handbags can be used for up to 3-4 years if properly stored. With the price is not too high, you can own a genuine cowhide leather bag in normal time.

How to preserve genuine cowhide bags

When you have spent a considerable amount of money to own a product that you love, you should pay attention to the proper care and maintenance of the bag so that the leather bag is always durable and new. In the following ways, you can practice keeping your brand-name leather bag in a new condition.

Use and store your bags correctly

– Items containing liquids inside or cosmetics you should put separately in a bag used to store makeup separately then put in the bag to avoid the liquid that spilled or spilled, just dirty even damage to bags, but also affect things in the bag.

– Depending on the type of bag you need to consider before you put it in it, because the odd bags are too small and you give the items too big compared to the size of such a bag will make the bag lose its shape Initial damage to the bag faster.

– Buy bags that fit your purpose because most bags are made with a certain purpose such as document bags, casual bags, ipad bags, laptops, or bags. traveling,…

– When you do not use the bag for a long time, you should put paper or sponge into the bag to keep the bag in its original shape. avoid mold or hang around.

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Cow leather handbag

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Cow leather handbag


Protect cowhide with specialized solution

When buying a bag, you should buy a bottle of skin protection solution at stores, specialized leather shops and wipe the leather surface twice a month to make the bag durable and always beautiful.

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Handling stains

– If accidentally stained with ink, must immediately handle with an eraser, paying attention should be neatly erased to avoid ink smudges. If the ink has been sitting for a long time, you can buy specialized products to treat the skin.

– Sticky dirt, dirt, just wipe with a damp cloth and wipe again with a dry towel to clean the cow leather bag back.

– For stubborn stains, use a bit of shoe polish of the same color as your bag and polish a small amount of the stain area will disappear and return the bag as it was.

Deodorize cowhide handbags

During use cannot avoid the bag will appear unpleasant odor. In this case, do not use detergents or aerosol sprays, as these can damage the color of the bag and may damage the skin. All you need to do is put the desiccant package in the bag and leave it for 1 day, the desiccant will absorb all the smell and mold in your bag.

Notes you need to remember to use the bag is always new

– Do not expose cow leather bags (double-sided leather) to direct sunlight, this will make the bags fade and peel off.

– If the bag is wet, dry it at a moderate temperature and then leave in a cool place with wind.

– Take your bag to a professional facility to handle situations you cannot overcome and maintain your bag regularly.

With the increasing popularity and widespread use, it is inevitable that the appearance of counterfeit bags for sale at low prices to attract customers’ attention. If the fashion connoisseurs, connoisseurs of the bag will probably not be through their eyes. But those who don’t really know and don’t have much knowledge in this area, you will definitely be able to buy counterfeit goods on the market. So where to buy prestigious high-end cowhide handbags, with affordable prices and how to identify genuine fake bags like. You along with Viet Phong learn more.

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Cow leather handbag

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Cow leather handbag


How to distinguish genuine (2-sided) cowhide bags

Viet Phong would like to share the basic ways for you to have the knowledge and the most accurate test when going to any store, leather shop to avoid the case of buying the wrong fake goods. Because of the tricky tricks that inexperienced people will probably buy wrong.

– Observe by eye: Look closely at the bag at the store or store you intend to buy. If the genuine leather will have protrusions on the skin depending on the tanning process, the leather surface has a certain soft texture, but will still leave natural roughness marks. In contrast, fake leather will be more flat, more glossy leather surface. If you look closely, you will see that real skin (double skin) has pores that cannot be found in fake leather.

After checking the surface, you should also check the back of the cowhide handbag to see if it is real leather. The back of real leather is suede. And the back of your skin will see its material is only artificial fabric.

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– Feel by hand: Touch the surface of the bag and feel. Genuine leather will be soft, genuine leather will have a stable temperature even in cold weather. As for leatherette, when you feel it, you will feel the smoothness and the stains of synthetic resin.

– Check by smelling the product: Genuine leather will smell of fat, and fake leather, you will hear the synthetic resin smell. There are also a few factories that add flavor to the fake leather. However, they will still leave synthetic fragrances on the bag.

– Pressing on the product: Press the surface of the bag with your finger. Observe that the mark is slowly lost due to the elasticity of the real skin surface. And the fake leather will not have such good elasticity. The imprint will remain intact and take a long time to return to normal.

– Wet the product: Put a few drops of water on the bag. High-quality leather bags will slowly penetrate through the pores, while artificial leather will spread around and not absorb into.

– Color comparison: Genuine skin colors will be dark and uneven. And the color of fake leather will always be brighter and shinier.

In addition to distinguishing genuine leather bags, men and women should update the price of the product currently on the market with the cheapest and highest price to know exactly to avoid over buying. Expensive offline.

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Cow leather handbag


Buy cheap genuine leather handbags

When buying a male or female bag product, in addition to the concerns such as design, style, buying branded cowhide bags at prestigious stores, fish prices are also of great interest. Best. So how much is a genuine cheap cowhide bag on the market today?

Most customers want to buy branded cowhide handbags at cheap prices. But also because of these mistakes that encountered the situation of buying fake goods wrongly. Now bags made from reputable high-quality cowhide will cost more than fake leather. Real cattle bags will not cost less than 1 million VND, you should pay attention. When encountering such cheap stores and shops, you should identify and check them carefully.

Bags made from genuine cowhide will cost from 1 million VND and up to 4 million VND depending on According to size, shape and design for men or women. Because of the durability and aesthetics that cowhide bags bring, this amount is proportional to the time the product is used. You spend a lot of money to buy cowhide bags (leather with 2 sides), you will get back using time and good product quality, because of any money. Therefore, the question of where to buy reputable cow leather handbags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi is a lot of questions.

Where to buy genuine brand cowhide handbags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

You are intending to buy cowhide bags, but with the status of the shop, the shop selling fake goods is rife makes you wonder always where to buy reputable cowhide bags but cheap prices.

Viet Phong is a store providing genuine cow leather handbags, which ensure quality, reputation and are trusted and supported by many customers.

High-quality cowhide bags for men and women in Viet Phong are meticulously processed from 100% genuine leather with advanced technology, always updated with the latest trends to ensure suitable for all. customer segment. Ensuring products to customers are the latest and best quality products. Where to buy cow leather handbags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Along with that, the prestigious cowhide products in Viet Phong have high usage time with the most competitive price in the market. With the dexterity and dedication of the skilled workers, the bags are made out of emphasis from stitches and zippers.

You can also be assured of the product after purchase. We promise that the products of the store will be warranted, maintained if any errors appear from the supplier or during use by the customer.

Viet Phong with prestigious stores in big cities for customers to shop and experience the most practical. Viet Phong stores include big cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang and Phan Thiet Mui Ne. And a store in Moscow city, Russia that gives customers everywhere the opportunity to shop easily. Where to buy cow leather handbags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Moreover, Viet Phong provides online sales service, which helps remote customers to buy products easily by ordering directly or contacting the hotline for advice and free delivery on all the country.

Therefore, the question of where to buy genuine cowhide bags is trusted by many customers and introduces Viet Phong.

Being a fashionista and a smart consumer. Always make the right decisions. Above is the information sharing about Viet Phong cow leather handbags. Now you do not need to wonder where to buy bags? Which stores provide prestigious leather products, right? Let Viet Phong accompany you in the field of leather fashion. For any questions or advice, please contact the information below for the fastest and most complete support.