Cowhide fashion


Things to know about Viet Phong cow leather – Viet Phong is a Vietnamese fashion brand that is familiar to domestic consumers. Over the past 15 years; in addition to the strong development of crocodile skin designs that Viet Phong has been constantly promoting designs on guest materials such as cowhide, python, …

Let us admire and feel the highest quality Viet Phong cowhide items

Introduction of Viet Phong cowhide leather

Cowhide is a familiar material in the fashion industry. They are commonly used in a lot of different accessories. Currently most fashion products such as bags, wallets, … are selected this material.

Cowhide is a high quality durable material

However, with modern tanning technology and a young design team, it always captures and takes the lead in modern fashion trends. Along with modern technology and skillful hands of craftsmen. Therefore, it has launched prestigious and quality products but no less beautiful. Not inferior to branded products with expensive prices on the market today. Therefore, Viet Phong’s products have been asserting its position in the hearts of domestic and foreign customers.

Even when using a high-class Viet Phong cowhide fashion product, you feel that they really do not have any difference compared to the brand name products sold on the market today.

In 2020, in order to diversify products to help a large number of customers to use high-quality Vietnamese products at low prices; Viet Phong has launched a collection of cowhide fashion products with many impressive breakthroughs; attract customers’ attention.

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Cowhide fashion

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Cowhide fashion


Squeeze – Viet Phong Cow Leather Wallet

The wallet is an object of separation for both men and women. The product is not only used to store money and papers, but also helps to express a perfect personal style.

Understanding that important point, Viet Phong has always focused on each stage from designing to processing to produce fashionable and beautiful cowhide purses that captivate every customer.

When using the Viet Phong cowhide wallet models, customers always feel really satisfied because:

– Viet Phong cowhide wallet with luxurious and eye-catching design. Various products from 2-sided, 1-sided skin with many eye-catching designs. From simple designs and personality to men. To the impressive design for women.

– The product is made of 100% high-quality double-sided leather so the durability is beautiful and shiny with meticulous and delicate seams. You do not need to preserve and hygienic products that are too sophisticated and complicated.

– The product is designed not only beautiful but also extremely convenient with many compartments to help users comfortably store money and other necessary documents.

– Sleek, affordable price so can be used for yourself and as a meaningful and practical gift for friends.

Cowhide purses have a simple, sophisticated and durable design.

Viet Phong belt – belt

These are indispensable accessories for both men and women. Bring the perfect and perfect for your outfit.

With high-quality cowhide material, Viet Phong has cleverly designed the patterns of extremely delicate and graceful belts. Cowhide material with elaborate tanning process contributes to creating products with extremely high durability and natural beauty.

Currently Viet Phong belt and waistband products with one-sided leather, double-sided leather, … with different sizes and accessories bring many attractive options for customers.

Using high quality Viet Phong cowhide leather with beautiful designs really helps you to be more confident and groomed in all situations from working, hanging out to parties.

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Cowhide fashion


Viet Phong cowhide shoes

Understand that a good leather shoe not only helps you get softer steps and more confident. but it is also a fashion accessory that speaks to the style and class of everyone

Therefore, Viet Phong always creates and launches beautiful high-class cowhide shoes for both men and women. Shoe styles vary from youthful, modern to luxurious and classy.

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Luxurious and classy cowhide shoes.

Especially, 2-sided leather shoes are cared for each stage so they have a beautiful and unique design; High durability and special protection for your feet to the fullest. You’ll never feel your feet hurt from wearing new shoes. The softer and softer use of cowhide material really helps you to be confident in all situations.

Viet Phong cow leather bag

Handbags are the separation things of every girl when out in the city. Therefore, this is also what attracts a great deal of interest from women. In addition to the benefits, they also contribute to the style, preferences and personality of the owner.

Currently, Viet Phong has been developing branded handbags with many designs and models. So whether you’re a lover of feminine tenderness or a desire to pursue personality and style. Certainly coming to Viet Phong stores you will find products like that.

In addition, with high quality 2-sided leather material and exclusive designs bearing the impression of Viet Phong, surely using this bag on the street or party will make you stand out a lot more. Instead of using too expensive brand-name bag models or rampant fake bags on the market, owning high-quality products made in Vietnam really helps you to mark a lot more.

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Cowhide fashion


Instruct you on how to preserve Viet Phong cowhide always durable

Cowhide is a very durable leather. Especially to keep the product as new as possible without too complicated steps and too much time. However, not so that you neglect to care and preserve the product properly.

Besides choosing the address, prestigious leather brand to own the best high-end products. You need to seriously take the following steps so that your favorite products are always with you over time.

How to clean the Viet Phong cowhide

– In the process of using if the skin is wet, use a soft cotton cloth soaked in water and dry the product in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, if possible, you can spray waterproof to the skin to preserve the best way.

– In hot and humid climates like in Vietnam, genuine leather products will be very prone to mold. When skin is moldy, wipe the mold clean with a soft cloth and preserve the open space.

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– When the product is dirty due to factors such as grease, paint, … you should use specialized cleansing solutions and fine cloths, cotton swab gently wipe on the surface of the skin, avoid strong wiping to avoid affecting the surface of the bag. Absolutely do not use harsh cleansers that cause skin abrasions and flaking.

– To keep the product as new as you can use a polish or moisturizer to wipe the surface of the skin on 2 sides. However, pay attention to the color of the xi and must choose the color that matches the color of the product, so as not to lose the inherent natural skin color.

How to preserve cowhide when not in use

Cowhide is a very strong product. Especially, 2-sided leather model has a very long life span. However, if you do not use it, you need to have proper ways to use and preserve leather products. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight because they are prone to fading. Avoid placing the skin near the heat source to dry out the skin, causing fractures. Always store the product in a cool, dry place, avoiding mold. In particular, store the product in a paper box to prevent steam and dust.

How to identify genuine Viet Phong cowhide products

Currently on the market there are many advertising addresses on high-class cowhide items with Designs and prices vary. Especially taking advantage of the attraction of Viet Phong brand which many websites sell wallets, purses, etc. bearing this brand but actually a sophisticated lie when mixing items. shoddy leatherette. This causes great confusion from consumers.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have the necessary information about the identification of 100% real cowhide leather samples from reputable brand Viet Phong. Help you always buy the best products at cheap prices; avoid pre-loss condition.

In fact, distinguishing genuine products of Viet Phong cowhide is not too difficult. With simple and delicate feelings, you will easily realize that:

– 100% real cowhide will have a faint smell of animal fat instead of nylon or synthetic chemicals.

– On the surface of genuine leather, although undergoing tanning process, there are still pores, visible with normal magnifying glass. Instead of products with very glossy and smooth surface of PU and simili materials.

– The real leather products on one side, leather on two sides, … have natural elasticity, so even if you fold, they will not be deformed like imitation leather.

– Besides, you can try real cowhide by heating method. While the real leather will scorch and create a scent like cooked meat. As for imitation leather, the leather will clot and deform completely.

– In addition, genuine Viet Phong cowhide items are supplied with a case, Viet Phong warranty card and Viet Phong logo imprinted on the inside of the product and accessories.

Hopefully the above information will help you always own the prestigious leather goods with Viet Phong brand name with cheap prices.

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Cowhide fashion

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Cowhide fashion


Reveal the price of 100% Viet Phong cow leather

Do you love Viet Phong cowhide products? You want to own these branded products for yourself as well as gifts for your loved ones. However, you wonder if these products are expensive?

In fact, real cow leather wallet models with complicated and elaborate production process. Therefore, the price will be higher than your use of cheap leather accessories on the market. Never with a price of only 100 to 200 thousand VND for high-class cowhide products even a small purse.

However, when you choose 100% Viet Phong genuine leather wallet, you will get quite a lot of benefits. Especially, you will save quite a bit compared to buying imported products. While the quality and design of the product is not inferior. In addition, the product is also highly durable with thoughtful, convenient and simple care and warranty services. With a reasonable price, you do not need to fret when choosing a high-class cowhide accessory from Viet Phong. At the same time, the product is suitable for you to use as gifts for relatives, customers, partners, … extremely reasonable.

Therefore, the choice of Viet Phong cowhide products is really a wise decision of smart consumers about a beautiful, genuine and prestigious product at a low price.

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Where to buy Viet Phong cowhide leather in Ho Chi Minh City genuine and prestigious

In recent years, Viet Phong has continuously promoted the development of its high-end product lines to market. With good quality, cheap prices, the product is increasingly popular with customers.

However, many customers have the same concerns about buying Viet Phong high-class cowhide products in Ho Chi Minh City? In addition, in other provinces and cities or abroad, where to buy genuine Viet Phong cowhide leather?

Do you know that in the past few years Viet Phong has continuously developed its brand. Aiming at dominating the domestic market as well as reaching out to the world.

Therefore, the purchase of genuine Viet Phong cowhide brand products is no longer a difficult thing for customers. To own quality brand products have many different ways.

Where to buy Viet Phong cowhide leather in HCMC? In fact, Viet Phong’s store system has been present in many different locations across the country, including Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. With a large and wide number of stores.

Above are the reputable store addresses of Viet Phong; help you no longer wonder where to buy Viet Phong cowhide, where is the prestige? Please visit these stores to admire and experience the high-end fashion products from this world-class Vietnamese brand and share with us meaningful feedback.

In addition, you can buy goods Through the online sales system at Viet Phong’s official website, facebook or phone number. Here with a team of enthusiastic and thoughtful online consultants will completely answer all your questions and you. At the same time, it will help you to order online quickly, conveniently and with the cheapest price to any place in the country.

With good quality, cheap prices and impressive design, Viet Phong cowhide leather has been continuously building the trust and love of customers across the country. Owning these high quality cowhide accessories is a perfect decision. Hopefully, with all the above information, you can have a comprehensive view of this prestigious Vietnamese brand, and answer the questions about where to buy quality leather products in prestigious Ho Chi Minh City.