Python skin bag


Python skin handbags Viet Phong, perfect choice – Viet Phong Python handbags are one of the leading brands in terms of style, quality and style that are very popular. Currently, the market is flooded with many bags made of normal leather or other materials that confuse consumers in choosing for themselves a bag. Viet Phong python leather handbags are proud to bring products with outstanding advantages, not only with their own style but also expressing elegance with worthy level. The following article will help you have accurate information about Viet Phong python leather handbags.

Introduction of Python Leather Bags

Speaking of Viet Phong, surely customers are familiar with all the high-class python skin products. All the fashion accessories for both men and women that Viet Phong provides such as: belts, leather purses, handbags, shoes … bring the most satisfaction to customers with commitments such as:

Material genuine python skin, when talking about leather handbags from animals certainly python skin is superior to other common skin types. Python skin has very thin characteristics, on the surface of scales and very difficult to peel, arranged in the shape of tile roof, these scales have the edge of the skin peeling up a bit, when you touch, you will feel rough, not smooth. Absolutely, the highlight is the softness and facial skin from being scratched because of the natural calluses of the facial skin.

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Python skin bag

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Python skin bag


Handbags with outstanding durability: when buying python leather handbags at Viet Phong store, you can be assured that they are genuine. Viet Phong has a modern manufacturing process under the skillful hands of skilled workers to create high-quality and high-quality products with long lasting beauty and durability over time.

Formal style and color: grasp the needs, modern trends, python leather bags are designed in diverse designs, eye-catching, to meet all tastes of customers. Many women use python-style handbags that are hand-held, crossed, worn … easily coordinate with clothes and other fashion accessories to create a noble and elegant style.

How to preserve a Python skin

When you own a valuable item, you should learn how to preserve it to keep it durable. Let’s learn about some simple home preservation methods.

– When the bag is dirty: use a strong rub to rub the dirty spot, then clean the towel again

– Do not put many items in the bag because it will deform the bag.

– If you do not use the bag for a while, you put the bag into plastic and then store to avoid termites.

– Bags mold, just use a gentle wipe.

– Avoid leaving the bag in humid environments with high temperatures.

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How to identify genuine and fake Python handbags

There are many genuine python leather handbags on the market, which make it difficult for users to choose real python leather handbags. Here, Viet Phong shares how to identify real goods for your reference readers.

Identify by smell: real python skin has a faint smell and imitation leather has a plastic or chemical smell.

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Python skin bag

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Python skin bag


Wet: you can put a few drops of water on the surface of the product and observe, the real leather, after a few minutes will be spread and absorbed into the skin surface and the fake leather is not waterproof so it will roll off the surface leather face.

Press the product: you press your fingers firmly on the surface of the product is made from leather, if the real leather will have dents and fake leather is not.

For a long time, real skin will be affected by UV rays, which will reduce the freshness and slightly dullness and fake leather will not discolor.

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How much python skin bag is cheap

Cheap python leather bag is how much money? This is a question that many customers are interested in, for those who intend to own a genuine, genuine Python skin. To answer that question depends much on factors such as leather material, style … Specifically, the price is as follows:

-With a real python leather bag, the price ranges from VND 6,000,000 to VND 9,000,000.

-With a genuine python leather bag, the price is from VND 9,000,000 – VND 15,000,000.

-With a high-class python skin bag, for the upper class priced from 15,000,000 VND or more.

Where to buy Python bags in HCMC?

You are wondering where to buy python leather handbags in Ho Chi Minh City? Come to Viet Phong to own a genuine, genuine, high-class, genuine python leather bag , good quality. Viet Phong shop has a production process based on modern technology, helping the products achieve a high level of sophistication and aesthetics.

Products are made of 100% natural python skin, with many designs, diverse, suitable for each customer by age. Our shop price is guaranteed to be the cheapest in the market.

This article is a comprehensive collection of complete information about Viet Phong python handbags. Come to Viet Phong to satisfy your passion for leather fashion accessories.