Squeeze – Cow leather wallet


Squeeze, Viet Phong cowhide wallet has long been the most favorite product for men. Today it is also warmly welcomed with the personality and strong sisters. It not only uses money, important papers, but also shows the class, style and elegance of the user. Do you already own any branded cowhide wallet? You want to buy but still concerned about the quality and relatively high price, you have not found a reputable place? Read the article to equip yourself with the knowledge to buy purses, genuine cowhide wallets, and smart consumers.

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About wallet – cowhide wallet

Vietnam is on the rise of strong industrial development and gradually asserts its position in the world market. Along with that progressive development, consumers demand more high quality products. Viet Phong with a 15-year journey of branding always provides the market with models, designs from cowhide, crocodile skin, … outstanding quality. For a long time, purses and purses has become an indispensable fashion item, an inseparable item of the Association of leather products.

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Leather wallet is made from 100% genuine leather, with high quality leather than normal leather, Viet Phong has created beautiful, high-class products that express taste. modern beauty and flashy appearance for customers. As a product made from cowhide with a strict, modern process, wallet – cowhide wallet is a very popular product today. With the purpose of giving customers many choices and conquering even the most demanding customers, Viet Phong has created a variety of designs and models in both ancient and modern ways.

The value Viet Phong pursues is customer satisfaction. Not only providing beautiful, genuine products, accompanied with comfort to use, wallet – cow leather wallet is a hot product of young people today.

Outstanding advantage of squeezing cowhide


  • Reliability: Only behind crocodile skin, cowhide wallet with high durability over time. The longer you use the cow leather, the more smooth and shiny it will be, unlike ordinary leather. When bought on the skin seems a bit hard, long use will fade but just apply lotion, the face will become fresh. Cowhide has good elasticity, is not affected by the environment, so it is difficult to deform, keep super durability. “Cut without breaking, pulling not leaving” is too much when talking about cowhide, try and feel it.

  • Various skin types. It can be said that cowhide is a modified skin with many different skin styles but it is still 100% pure cow.

  • Raw leather: Squeeze – wallet made from rough leather made in the simplest, slightly hard and somewhat dry leather. The main color is beige or the original color of cow leather, not dyed.

  • Painted leather: Still made from pure cowhide, but covered with a layer of paint with eye-catching colors that attract people to look at. This coating has a primary protective effect so it does not peel or flake.

  • Wax or oily skin: More elaborate by covering the wax or oil with a glossy, oyster texture.

  • To increase the variety of designs, the cowhide wallet is also stamped out by many machining lines and unique lines.

  • Diversified products: If in the past, cowhide was just a wallet, there are many designs available such as diagonal bags, laptop bags … There are many styles of cowhide wallet designs on the market. for you to choose. From the most demanding customers, you can also choose the product you like best. At the same time, you can express your own style and personality.
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Some limitations of wallet – cowhide wallet

Besides the numerous advantages of a calfskin massage, there are still limitations that you need to know as follows:


  • For waxed skin, it will be darker, less eye-catching than other skin types, so some customers will not like it. If not properly maintained, waxed leather may cause mold.

  • For skin types that are dyed, if not used properly, they may fade into clothing. If this is the case, the product will no longer retain its original durability.

  • Cowhide wallets are now very fake, so you need to choose exactly at reputable shops and shops.

Instructions on how to preserve the best wallet in cowhide

Cowhide wallets are more commonly used by men than women. However, when using, people often do not pay much attention to the preservation method, so that the cowhide wallet can be discolored, peeling or deforming the original standard form. You are wondering how to preserve your wallet as always as new. Apply the following effective preservation methods to show your class and personality with just a small product like a leather wallet.

Instructions for preserving cowhide wallet

Although you can buy genuine cowhide wallet, but you do not know how to store and store it properly, it will quickly be damaged or torn. While preserving leather wallets you need:


  • Should not be too thick wallet, so it is easy to lose the form of the wallet. In addition, this will also quickly peel the skin of the zucchini, causing the bumps of cowhide to cause the aesthetics of the wallet.

  • Should not be left in the pocket for too long, colliding with hard objects such as working chairs will make the edge of the wallet wear out quickly. You should keep your wallet in a wider pocket and cloth pants which will help preserve the wallet well and reduce friction on impact.

  • Should not be left in a humid place, a lot of steam will cause the condition of the leather wallet to be moldy and discolored quickly. Ideally, you should leave your leather wallet in a dry place, away from direct sunlight outdoors. This will cause excessive stretching of the leather material resulting in a leather wallet that bursts, cracks, and flakes.

Preserving the wallet is always like new

In the use process, we can not avoid when the leather wallet is soiled with dirt or even mold if not regularly cleaned. So when the wallet has signs of decay, what should you do to preserve the beauty of the leather wallet?


  • Clean your leather wallet often with a soft cloth. Before wiping you need to moisten your leather wallet then gently wipe it to avoid discoloration and peeling of the outer layer of cowhide.

  • It is recommended to use leather purses with special solutions and products specifically for cow leather. This way it can keep the skin color for the longest and safest. The best way is to go to genuine stores that sell cowhide purses for advice on using suitable and effective cowhide wallet products.

  • In addition, when the outer skin of the wallet is peeling, you can buy spray water to skillfully spray on that layer of skin. Afterwards, leave it in the cool and dry place for about 1 hour!

How to identify a wallet – genuine cowhide wallet

On the market today there are many addresses forging cowhide wallets with other inferior leather. Especially, these wallets can also be made from synthetic materials to deceive customers’ eyes for personal gain.

If you are not prepared to find out information to identify genuine and fake cowhide leather, you will most likely use poor quality fake goods. And as we all know, these products will be less luxurious and less durable.

Be a smart consumer to buy branded, genuine and high-end products to show your own level. If possible, you should go directly to the store, reputable leather wallet shop to buy beautiful luxury goods!

For those who specialize in the brand of cowhide, there are extremely effective ways to identify that you can apply before buying the following:
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Rely on your eyes to see and feel your hands

Due to the structure of cowhide, there is always a elastic, grainy texture in the veins. Although the eyes often see small protrusions, but when you feel with your hand, you feel soft and somewhat rippled. The naked eye will see the skin color and cowhide lines in a very natural and wild way.

As for the fake cowhide products, they only see the smoothness and no protrusions like genuine leather. The special thing in real skin is so, unique products will be impressed by these small details.

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Smell the wallet to identify it fake

This is how many people still try to identify whether the product is genuine or not? If you smell real cow’s nose, you will hear the faint smell of animal fat. However, this smell will not be too unpleasant to smell and you feel like you are holding a piece of real cow leather.

As for fake leather, you will immediately see the smell of synthetic chemicals. You need to have a subtle sense of the smell of cow leather different from the smell of plastic to be able to detect it.

Real cowhide can press and feel

It can be said that this is the easiest way of identification that many people still apply and find it very effective. Real cowhide will have a certain elastic force. Therefore, we can press the hand with your hand, the dent will recover quickly when you remove your hand.

On the contrary, if you press on a leather wallet but do not feel the elastic, it is a fake leather wallet. Because synthetic material is often hard and does not return to its original shape if deformed.

Experiment with water

The way to do this is very simple. You just need to take a little water on the surface of the wallet and check. If this drop of water quickly absorbed into the surface of the skin, it is real cow leather wallet. Conversely, if that drop of water rolled down the surface of the wallet without showing any water absorption, it would be a leather wallet. Because the synthetic material will have a smooth texture and waterproof.

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Squeeze – the cheapest cowhide wallet is

On the market today there are many prices from medium to high level to serve diverse needs of customers. There are many factors that affect the price of leather wallets that you need to know:

Material of leather wallet

For products with 100% genuine leather, the price will be more expensive than the types of cowhide goods . Add impurities. You need to find reputable shops to buy genuine quality assurance.

Based on the size of the cowhide grip

Usually small wallets will be cheaper than leather wallets. Because larger products use more leather and the processing becomes much more sophisticated.

In addition, if you buy at different stores will also have different prices. Normally prices can fluctuate in the following range:


  • The average small wallet costs from 500 ~ 700.

  • The average size wallet is priced from 700 ~ 1,000,000.

  • Large sizes showing a class of luxury cost more than 1,000,000 and possibly a lot higher.

Where to buy beautiful, genuine brand wallet in HCMC?

Due to popular demand of customers, there are many production facilities that sell cowhide wallet products. However, this will be difficult when we do not know where to buy prestige? Come to Viet Phong to feel the superior class from fashion accessories made from cowhide .

Viet Phong is a familiar name for many customers who specialize in genuine cow brands. Established in 2005, the store in Ho Chi Minh City has the address at 43 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District. This is the headquarters of Viet Phong Co., Ltd. Here always provide full products of genuine luxury brands and very high reputation; Help customers feel free to experience and shop.

After 15 years of establishment and sustainable development, Viet Phong has been a prestigious brand in the hearts of all customers. At Viet Phong, we are always committed to providing the most genuine and prestigious brand cowhide wallet in the market. Customers always choose Viet Phong instead of many other stores in the same area. Let’s find out why customers like Viet Phong so much?
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High quality items

All cowhide purses at Viet Phong always guarantee 100% genuine products from natural materials. That is a solid basis to commit to customers about the maximum quality of the product. A closed production process from modern machinery technology has created products to please all customers. Under the talented hands of skilled craftsmen, cowhide purses are added to the sophistication of each product.

Style, beautiful design

For any fashion accessory, the design and style must show its own beauty and elegance. At Viet Phong always provide all trendy designs and high-class fashion trends. You can freely choose your own style and gul aesthetic.

Not only beautiful in style but the color cowhide in Viet Phong is very popular with customers. It is a combination of luxurious colors and trendy styles that will help you express yourself anytime, anywhere.

Prestigious brand No. 1 in the market

Our motto is always to ensure to bring customers the best and most beautiful products. Therefore, Viet Phong has made its name stand out from other names.

When you come to us, you will find yourself discovering the true level of brand name products. From usage advice, how to choose the right product to instructions for preserving cowhide wallets, all of them are answered in a most devoted way.

Cheap for everyone

Price is always the issue that customers care about. It is great to come to Viet Phong you use genuine goods with high quality but the cheapest price on the market. You absolutely assured of the price at the number 1 reputable brand in Viet Phong!

The above article has brought you the most complete and accurate information about cowhide wallet. Come to Viet Phong’s shops and shops today to get a satisfied purchase to show your own class now!