Viet Phong cowhide shoes


Viet Phong high-class cowhide shoes are a class of fashion for both men and women. Nowadays, besides normal materials, cowhide shoes are considered a luxurious material that is affordable because of not only outstanding features, but also the elegance and personality for people. use. Besides, to use delicate, professional cowhide shoes as well as reputable buying locations, not everyone knows. This article will summarize the most accurate information about cowhide shoes that you cannot miss.

Introduction of cowhide shoes

The market today teaches how hard it is to identify a pair of leather shoes, but it is more difficult for customers to distinguish between genuine and genuine leather. Nowadays, footwear products are extremely diverse and rich in design to the selection of shoes to match. Cowhide was chosen as the type of leather most trusted by customers because of its quality and reasonable price with buyers.

Cow leather shoes with materials made from genuine cow leather, completely different than the normal leather material. Cowhide shoes are high-end products that bring elegance and elegance that are affordable for the wearer. In addition, when choosing and using styles and designs, colors, cowhide shoes express the taste and style of customers.

The cowhide shoes that customers find at Viet Phong store are 100% guaranteed made from cow leather. Moreover, these products go through a very strict production process on stages and meet high standards.

By ensuring that the products supplied to the market satisfy and bring high reputation to customers of high standards in terms of design, customers will have a variety of designs with modern innovation. modern, all the store systems have the hottest models that are the most popular following the current trend.

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cowhide shoes

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cowhide shoes

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Cowhide is known as a natural material, undergoing the reduction process to create cowhide material. These natural cowhide shoes offer characteristics that many artificial leather shoes cannot obtain. It is the durability, elasticity, softness as well as elasticity of cowhide.

Cowhide has a good supple elasticity that is hard to get from any natural skin. Due to this advantage, cowhide has a supple and affordable price, so cowhide shoes are extremely popular.

Cow leather shoes help to ventilate, this can effectively overcome the uncomfortable feeling for users when wearing shoes. Cowhide shoes will help wearers keep the space dry, comfortable when we exercise or walk for hours … This is the reason why cowhide is also known for its outstanding durability. Extend the life of the product. The skin has an average life expectancy of 2 to 3 times longer than other leather products.

The advantages are concentrated in products made from cowhide to show the power, elegance, class for all men. For women, products made from cowhide express their own style and personality. Since its introduction, the cowhide shoes have occupied the well-sought after brand market and have received high attention due to its unique characteristics and affordability.


The downside of cowhide shoes is the fraudulence of cowhide products, which have a lot of counterfeits because of the high demand of customers that many companies produce fake cowhide shoes for profit. Therefore, buying genuine genuine cowhide products will become more difficult for those who do not have a keen eye.

We know the price of buying a product from cowhide will be higher than other normal leather, find out the price of the product to buy genuine goods, not to be slashed high prices or to choose a location, store for sale. These prestigious cowhide shoes will guarantee the interests of customers.

Instructions for identifying cowhide shoes

In the market, which is always full of special types of leather products, it is difficult to choose a genuine, reputable and affordable product. Especially for quality products from cowhide is a fairly common and moderate price stone, products made from cowhide will be greatly fake to meet customer needs.

Learn to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to choose the right and reasonable price products.

– Based on the texture of the cowhide to identify the shoelaces will be made from many layers of leather pressed together. When you check if the shoe has a layer, it is definitely fake cowhide. Check the lines of cowhide shoes also have the following two basic types:

– Identify plain cowhide shoes, can not see the tiny holes by touching with your fingers, so the skin that appears to be soft but stretch, high elasticity will be real cowhide. This will usually be the abdomen and calf. The abdomen and calves will have softer and tighter skin than the back, the lines will also vary, depending on the location.

– Recognize that cow leather shoes are harder, the way to recognize them will be more difficult, you must pay attention when looking at the surface of the skin to see that the skin texture is uneven, the skin surface is more rough but still keep have good elasticity. At this point, you will see finer lines and visible small hairs. Cowhide shoes this part will be hard, lumpy and elastic different from the elastic or soft, glossy of other types of leather.

– From practical experience identify real cow leather shoes . When choosing products with real cowhide by normal vision, you need to pay close attention. If it is real cow leather, you will see the surface has small, puffy or soft pores at different places.

– When going to the store or shop to distinguish real or fake cowhide, use your hands to gently rub on the surface of the skin and feel it very carefully. It looks rough but it is very soft and elastic. As for the fake leather will have a smooth, glossy, less elastic.

– The color of cow leather, we can also rely on the color of cow leather to distinguish whether it is real or not? Cowhide will be uniformly distributed in color, light or dark. In addition, you can distinguish by adding a few drops of water to the surface of the cow leather, if it is genuine leather will not permeate and spill around, and if it is fake leather will absorb and spread around.

– Identify by smell on skin. You can burn or cut the skin, if it is genuine leather, it will have higher heat resistance, greater elasticity and toughness than artificial leather. If burned, the skin will have a more pleasant smell (it smells like hair). On the contrary, artificial leather is synthesized by silicone glue and simili, when burning, it will smell very uncomfortable like the smell of nylon.

Cow leather shoes are suitable for middle-aged or younger people. Cowhide leather shoes have softer and more smooth surfaces than parts, so products made of cowhide with abs can easily achieve high aesthetic value and are loved by many people. The belly skin is also the easy to lemongrass section[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

cowhide shoes

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cowhide shoes


Some notes for choosing cowhide shoes

Products made from cowhide are always the number one choice of shoe players and love the personality but affordable. However, when choosing, you should be careful of the huge number of fake cowhide goods with many sophisticated tricks that are not easy to identify.

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, many manufacturers often combine multiple skin parts together, belly skin with tail or back skin on the same product. However, combining all 3 skin parts on one product is very difficult. Normally, it will combine 2 parts of skin or design 1 part of skin to create a product.

The choice of any type of cowhide shoes, pay attention to the synchronization with the color of pants or cowhide wallet … to have the right combination.

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How to store shoes

Products made from cowhide with many layers on many parts of cowhide or skin from other parts are of good quality and durable. However, to use products made from cowhide to achieve the highest efficiency, you need to pay attention to the following ways to preserve:

– Do not put cowhide shoes in damp places but leave them in well-ventilated areas. Keep cowhide shoes in a clean, dry and well-ventilated place away from shoes in direct sunlight or high temperatures as this can cause the skin to have an over-elasticity that will quickly work. corrupt them.

– Do not curl up cowhide shoes or throw around after use, but should hang in a straight or horizontal position in a well-ventilated area. When you are finished using it, you should remove the wire, open the thick thick air outlet.

– Cowhide shoes should be properly cleaned. Depending on the skin of the back, stomach or tail skin, use a soft, damp, clean cloth to gently wipe. Shoes should be cleaned 3 times a week. Avoid tearing or dampness and excessive heat.

– Avoid rubbing too hard on cowhide shoes.

– Avoid prolonged exposure to water and direct sunlight at high temperatures are also causes of damage to cowhide shoes.

The following is a simple but effective preservation method that many people choose, clean and clean on a regular basis with the following:

– To polish the surface of cow leather, use a bit of shower gel on a soft cloth and rub your hands gently as if polishing shoes. Then, wipe dry with a soft cloth, ensuring that you will see a satisfactory result.

– To get back the color and clarity of old and faded cow leather shoes, use pine oil mixed with a little vinegar, then rub gently and you will see a difference.

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cowhide shoes

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cowhide shoes


Where to buy cowhide shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi, genuine, affordable?

Answer that buying Viet Phong cowhide shoes at Viet Phong shops, shops is very reputable, standard cowhide products and reasonable prices. Viet Phong is a familiar brand with many high-end brand items specializing in cowhide with reputation and high reliability.

As a big company, Viet Phong cowhide has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of leather production. Especially the place of importing and distributing leather to many leather and footwear production establishments in Vietnam and abroad. We are always the partner of many famous product brands not only in many locations providing products with high quality but also unique models with reasonable prices. Viet Phong is evaluated to have many outstanding advantages, which are always appreciated by customers when buying cow leather shoes.

These include cowhide shoes made from 100% raw cowhide for export. Viet Phong ensures all products are made from genuine cowhide and ensures maximum quality with the durability, design, color and style of cowhide shoes in Viet Phong. Satisfied every customer when using. Where to buy cowhide shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Commit prestige and will refund 200% if it is fake so you can be assured. When you buy any products made from cowhide at Viet Phong , you will have a 2 to 5 year product warranty, the company will have a red stamp on the warranty card and a commitment The refund will be 200% if the fake cowhide.

Viet Phong always seals the selling prices of products made from cow leather. At Viet Phong stores, you can always find attractive and cheap cowhide products on the market. Therefore, affiliates and addresses of buying cow leather shoes are always mentioned in the name Viet Phong in many forms. Viet Phong has dominated the cowhide market for many years, not only with high quality but also with enthusiastic and professional service attitude. Where to buy cowhide shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

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For remote customers, Viet Phong will ensure responsibility for free delivery and pay directly after customers receive the product and product inspection.

Warranty and exchange after-sales service when customers can renew within 2 weeks for products made from unused cow leather. In particular, polishing of cow leather shoes will be free for customers during the warranty period.

With many branches across the country: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Thu Dau, Ho Chi Minh City … and abroad including: France, England, Moscow, Russia … Viet Phong supplies prestigious cowhide shoes with high reliability.

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cowhide shoes

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cowhide shoes


A pair of shoes in life, a pair of business trip shoes, a pair of birthday shoes or a pair of shoes with your own style. It is great for Viet Phong to provide and serve you. We have a variety of models, stylish designs, all sizes, to meet individual requirements according to customers.

With customer service packages before and after the purchase is very convenient and impressive, such as customers receive consulting services directly at the store or online via the website to ensure customers can choose cowhide shoes best suited to me. Where to buy cowhide shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Warranty long, comfortable change after paying the purchase is a big plus for the period of customer care in Viet Phong. Lifetime product maintenance service, you will not have to worry about maintenance, polishing, cleaning after buying the product here. Totally free delivery fee with an invoice of VND 1,000,000.

Thus, the article has provided you the most accurate information about cow leather shoes. Hopefully through the article, customers will have more information as well as a more diverse understanding of shoes. Let Viet Phong help you easily own genuine cowhide shoes at a very reasonable price. Where to buy cowhide shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Contact Viet Phong at the following address to let us advise you!