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Crocodile leather belt is one of the most popular fashion accessories for men and women today. In addition to many common leather materials, crocodile leather belts and belts are the most popular material because it not only has outstanding features, but also brings elegance and class to the user. use. However, for professional use, delicate crocodile belt buckle not everyone knows. Not to mention buying crocodile leather belts and belts to ensure prestige, genuine quality, … The following is the most general information about crocodile leather belts that you cannot ignore.

About crocodile leather belt

Crocodile leather belts or belts are made from crocodile skin. Different from normal leather, crocodile leather belts are high-class products that bring the elegance and elegance of the owner. In addition, when we choose and use beautiful designs, the color of the crocodile belt also expresses our own aesthetic and fashion style.

When learning about crocodile leather belts, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages when using this product as follows:


High-class crocodile skin reaches a supple, good elasticity that is hard to get from other animal skin. It is this advantage of crocodile skin that has made it a popular skin favorite and creates the “Crocodile Skin Mania”.

Crocodile skin 2-sided or 1-sided skin types have a very good hygroscopic effect. This overcomes the sense of secret for users very effectively in the hot summer. Crocodile leather belt belts will keep the air dry and comfortable when we wear suits or casual pants. This is the reason for crocodile leather belt products to stand out from other skin lines.

In particular, when talking about the durability of crocodile leather is also an outstanding help to extend the life of products. With crocodile leather material , real 2-sided and 1-sided skin types, average skin life is durable 2-3 times the premium cowhide products.

On the other hand, products made from crocodile skin always bring a very high aesthetic value when possessing the beautiful and diverse texture lines. Each crocodile will bring different lines without overlapping to create completely separate and unique products that contribute to the owner. So we will easily be caught by the leather shoes, belt buckle or crocodile leather watch strap because of its elegance and elegance.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] All these advantages are converged and crystallized into a decorative product that shows the power, class and elegance for all men. For women, this is also an item that expresses its own style and personality. Since being on the market, crocodile leather belts have been hunted, sought and used by brand followers.

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The advantage of crocodile skin when producing fashion products is huge. It is from the demand of customers that many manufacturers have made imitation crocodile skin to sell according to market trends. Therefore, buying luxury products, branded goods, genuine will become more difficult.

We still know the price to buy a crocodile leather product will be much higher than the conventional leather. Therefore, you need to find out the price of the product before buying to not get slashed high prices. The choice of location, shops, shops selling prestigious crocodile leather belts will ensure our benefits when buying.

Instructions on how to identify genuine and fake crocodile leather belts

While the commodity market is in a chaotic situation today, it is quite difficult for you to choose genuine and reputable products with cheap prices. Especially for crocodile skin is a very special skin, rare and expensive price. Therefore, crocodile skin products are very fake. Equip yourself with the most necessary knowledge to choose to buy genuine, cheap products. For crocodile leather belts, there are specific secrets that smart customers can apply when choosing and deciding whether to buy or not? Here are ways to identify genuine crocodile leather belts you need to know:

Identify based on the texture of crocodile skin

Genuine crocodile leather belts will be made of 2 ~ 3 layers of pressed leather together. Only the outer layer is real crocodile skin. When you check if that belt is only 1 layer, it is definitely fake crocodile skin.

Examining the texture of crocodile leather belt has 2 basic types: barbed and plain leather. As follows:

If the cord is made from back skin, you only need to use the tip of your finger to press on the emerging spines to see that it is very hard because the crocodile skin back is horn.

If it’s a plain leather belt (crocodile skin or crocodile skin), it’s harder to identify. You pay attention and pay more attention when looking through the surface of the skin to see that the skin pattern is unevenly arranged, the surface of the skin is naturally beautiful, the skin has soft elasticity, it is crocodile skin.

Identify based on real experience

When choosing branded crocodile skin products with normal vision you need to observe very carefully. If it is real crocodile skin, the surface will have protrusions, rough. Although professional tanning and processing manufacturers try to choose the most beautiful places to make their products, small holes such as pores or holes, scratches have created a unique beauty of fish skin. crocodile. You can use a magnifying glass to make it easier to identify.

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crocodile leather belt

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crocodile leather belt


When entering the store, to distinguish genuine leather cheap leather, you should gently apply on the skin surface and feel. Crocodile skin, however, looks grainy but soft and smooth. As for imitation leather, there is a smoothness of synthetic materials. When hard-handed, real crocodile skin will move slower than fake leather.

Based on the color of the skin

We can also give the exact basis that is real crocodile skin or not? Real crocodile skin color will be unevenly distributed dark and bold, fake leather is fresh and evenly distributed.

Also, you can try by: Apply a few drops of water to the surface of the skin, if the real leather after a short time will absorb water and spread around, the fake leather made of synthetic material will not have this phenomenon.

Identify based on crocodile skin

If you are a professional user of crocodile skin products, you can see the skin texture on the body of crocodile is different. Specifically, crocodile skin is divided into 3 parts such as tail skin, back skin and belly skin. There are different characteristics in each department.

Crocodile crocodile leather belt: very difficult to produce a complete crocodile leather belt on the tail. Therefore, this product line rarely has fake goods.

They often have a rough and rugged skin surface similar to the style of crocodiles, so they can be checked by holding the fin upside down. If you are a fan of strength and personality, this is the type of crocodile leather belt is very suitable.

Crocodile Leather Belt Back skin: This is the skin with dorsal spines emerging on the surface of the skin but not too bulging like the tail skin. For products designed with continuous wire will have 3 full sets of parts: hunchback, dorsal and caudal fin to create natural beauty. In particular, the wiring design has only 1 or 2 parts and is not continuous.

On the other hand, the length of the rope has a size of 1m2 so customers who have a small waistline, when using it, must have the store or shop cut off the hunchback. Even so, overall, the wire is still more aesthetic and class. crocodile belt back is very suitable for middle-aged people, the elderly.
Crocodile belly belt: Crocodile belly skin is quite slippery and soft surface, not dry and rough. Therefore, crocodile skin products in the abdomen will bring high aesthetic value and be loved by many people.

Some considerations when choosing crocodile leather belts

Products made from high-class crocodile skin are always the number one choice of luxury brand players. However, when choosing to buy, you should be cautious when choosing this product line because there are currently a large number of counterfeit products with a lot of sophisticated tricks that not all users can identify correctly and choose the right product. reputable shops and salons.

In addition, to enhance the aesthetics, crocodile leather belt manufacturers often combine the belly skin with the tail skin or crocodile skin on the same product. This type of belt is quite popular and popular today.

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crocodile leather belt

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crocodile leather belt


Thus, whether you choose any type of crocodile leather belt, you should pay attention to the synchronization with the color of imported crocodile leather shoes or genuine crocodile leather wallet that you are using.

How to preserve crocodile leather belt effectively

The products of crocodile skin are double-sided or other types. Good material, durable. However, to use the highest efficiency you need to know how to preserve crocodile leather belt in the best way. For a crocodile leather belt to last forever, you need:

Preserve during use


  • Do not leave belts on places that are too wet and store them in a well-ventilated place. Keep the crocodile leather belt in a cool, dry, clean place.
    Avoid exposing crocodile leather belts to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Because this can make the crocodile skin too elastic, it will quickly damage the belt.

  • Do not curl up the belt after use, but hang it vertically.

  • Once you are done using it, you should remove the belt from your pants and hang it up to prevent buckling.

  • Clean and clean all crocodile skin belts correctly.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve belts is many people choose to clean, clean the belt. The procedure is very simple as follows:


  • To gloss the surface of 2-sided or 1-sided leather straps, use fresh milk impregnated with a soft cloth and rub vigorously like when polishing a shoe, then dry it with another dry cloth, making sure tell you you will get unexpected results after performing the cleaning.

  • For old crocodile leather belts that fade, use pine oil mixed with vinegar in a 3: 1 ratio then rub and scrub as instructed above.

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What to do when the crocodile leather belt is moldy?

When your belt is moldy, you’re quite worried. So in this case, how should you handle it. Do not worry! Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Mix alcohol with water in a ratio of 1: 1, then use a clean cloth to dip in the pre-mixed solution and then clean the moldy areas on the product. For stubborn, deep moldy stains, use an antibacterial soap to scrub and dry them with a clean cloth.

Step 2: For greasy spots on the leather belt, use crushed chalk and sprinkle on the powder for a day and then wipe the pine oil clean.

Step 3: After using all of the above methods but have not seen the mold completely, then continue to use sandpaper to scrub that stain, note that when rub you must make sure the skin color is the same color skin around, then use wax to cover the skin surface to create a shine again.

Find out the price of crocodile leather belts on the market

We can see on the market there are many beautiful crocodile leather belts (2-sided leather, 1-sided leather) with different prices are sold in stores, shops. We can sum up the prices as follows:

Crocodile leather belts for men 3.5F (35) with barbed leather, belly (smooth), whole and hip leather ranges from VND 799,000 to VND 1,199,000 (non-stitched leather).

Crocodile leather belt for men 4F (40) has spikes, belly (plain), whole, and hip leather from 999,000 to 1,599,000 VND (non-connecting leather).

Belts for women 1.5F (15), 2F (20), 3F (30) have spikes, belly (slippery), whole and hip leather from VND 649,000 to VND 999,000.

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Where to buy crocodile leather belt in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Buy crocodile leather belts where? With the need to use very large branded crocodile leather belts. Therefore, there are many stores and shops specializing in selling crocodile fashion products such as leather purses, handbags, shoes, etc. high-end products, branded goods, genuine goods? Where is the correct answer to the question of where to buy crocodile leather belt?

Viet Phong’s stores and shops are familiar names with many high-class brand followers specializing in crocodile skin. As a reputable company with nearly 10 years of experience in the field of leather production, it is the importer and distributor of leather for many leather and footwear production facilities in Vietnam. We partner with many famous product brands.

Not many reputable addresses provide products with high quality, diverse designs and cheap prices like Viet Phong. With many outstanding advantages, Viet Phong is always appreciated when customers ask for buying crocodile leather belts where prestige, genuine, cheap . May be mentioned as:


  • Belt buckle made from 100% crocodile leather materials for export. Viet Phong always ensures all products are made from genuine crocodile skin, ensuring maximum quality and durability.

  • Model, style, colors of crocodile leather belt in Viet Phong always satisfy every customer when using. These include high-quality double-sided leather …

  • Commitment to prestige, pay 200% if the product is fake, so you feel secure. As a result, Viet Phong is the leading name for the question of where to buy crocodile leather belts.

  • You buy any product in Viet Phong is warranted for 2 to 5 years, (on the warranty card stamped with the company’s red and commitment to pay money if it is a fake).

  • The price of crocodile skin products is always attractive and the cheapest in the market. Therefore, when finding out where to buy crocodile leather belt belts, many fashion followers choose Viet Phong because of its affordable price and prestigious quality.

  • For remote customers, we are always responsible for free home delivery and direct payment (COD) after product inspection.

  • Warranty, exchange after sales when you can renew within 2 weeks (applies to unused products). Special: Polished and retouched products are free for you during use.

The above article has brought you the most complete, accurate and objective information about crocodile leather belt fashion accessories and where to buy crocodile leather belt belts prestigious and cheap. If you need to use genuine crocodile leather belt products, high quality, come to Viet Phong today!

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