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Currently, the love and use of crocodile skin products is increasingly popular. The evidence is that you can easily see many crocodile skin shops and shops appear and the frequent use of crocodile products. And one of those products is crocodile leather shoes, this is a high-class and popular item thanks to the unique, classy luxury that it gives users.

Wearing a genuine crocodile leather shoes you not only show a luxurious style but also the style of a successful gentleman. If you are looking to own a nice pair of shoes, please refer to the following article to find out more!

Introduction of crocodile leather shoes

The characteristic of crocodile skin is its non-static properties, good insulation, durability and high gloss. Has physical elasticity. And the more special thing is that the appearance of the crocodile skin (double skin type, whole skin …) has very firm scales and high aesthetics. It is increasingly favored by both the upper class and ordinary people.

Unlike the old days when our country’s economy was still underdeveloped, genuine crocodile leather shoes were only used by artists or the elite because of its expensive price. Extensive breeding techniques, it is more exploited to help crocodile leather products including leather shoes to reach more customer segments.

And in addition, economic and social life is increasingly improving, so the need to seek beauty is also more focused. And with the unique advantages of crocodile leather shoes that make them more and more popular. The use of crocodile shoes is increasing and there is no sign of stopping.

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Advantages and disadvantages of genuine crocodile shoes

Owning a crocodile shoes gives you more elegance and attractiveness. Bring high aesthetic value with completely natural motifs. It has great advantages like:

– Durability challenges time: To make a leather shoe to customers’ hands must go through a lot of stages. People will choose the crocodile with beautiful skin without marks on the skin surface. So when using crocodile leather shoes, the first advantage you have is that durability is timeless. It is valid for up to decades of use and retains the original design and beauty.

– Smoothness, comfort and pleasant feeling to use: usually other shoe products will make you feel foot pain and air tightness. But for crocodile leather shoes does not happen the situation, you will feel the pleasant comfort when using. The longer you use it, the better it will feel, as the skin will stretch exactly to the size of your foot different from other leather shoes on the market.

– Many designs and colors: There are many styles for men to freely choose. Basic styles, soft and light texture, and clear patterned shoes. And no matter what style of shoe will bring users the outstanding and class. Not only are there many styles, but crocodile skin shoes also come in a variety of colors to choose from, elegant black in vintage colors and brighter colors. Certainly these colors will bring a sense of satisfaction when you use the product.

Crocodile leather shoes (2-sided leather, whole leather …) with the great advantages that it brings, it’s really hard to find any defects of this product. However, the only drawback is that its price is quite expensive, so it is probably time-consuming to choose this product.

How many types of crocodile leather shoes

Like normal leather shoes, crocodile leather shoes are divided into 2 types that are lazy shoes and western shoes.

– Lazy shoes: For men, high-quality alligator leather loafers can be combined with different costumes such as jeans, shorts with a shirt or T-shirt. You can use it appropriately to go to school, work, or coffee … With outstanding features of crocodile skin, shiny when friction, high durability will bring users. youthful, energetic.

– Western shoes: Shoes that bring the most luxurious and polite in most types of shoes. Crocodile leather shoes (type 2 leather, full leather …) with fancy variations, new and unique. Draped on the rare crocodile leather material, these western shoes are even more luxurious and noble

Dimensions of alligator leather shoes

Most crocodile leather shoes are full size. From the smallest sizes to the largest sizes are fully available on the market. And the choice of shoe size is also very important because they contribute to creating a comfortable comfort when using. Choose the right size for your shoes to own crocodile shoes bring confidence to you.

How to use and preserve crocodile skin shoes

Currently the price for the crocodile leather shoes (2-sided leather) genuine is not cheap, sometimes with the purchase or not products we will have to consider very carefully about the price of the product. Saying so to see one thing that if you do not pay attention to preserving your shoes that would certainly be a waste of regret. You own the crocodile leather shoes product, then you should note the following to keep your shoes beautiful, durable and extended use time offline. Please note the use and storage of branded crocodile leather shoes as follows:

Avoid contact with shoes

Why should you note this? That’s because in cases like when you use it in the rain, shoes that are soaked in water for a long period of time will lead to that condition, which is the line where the glue that is used for adhesion of shoes will be peeled. out. The leather surface of the waterproof shoe will lead to mold, the long waterproof lining will cause an unpleasant odor and make sure you will not be able to continue using your shoes if they are fall into the above cases.

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Limiting the use of shoe polish

With regular men’s shoes, the use of xi will help clean and polish more, but for genuine crocodile leather shoes, this is not a good way to preserve. The reason is that using too much will lead to changes in the original skin color, causing the shoe to lose its natural appearance. On the other hand, shoe polish also causes fluid holes on the skin surface to get clogged, resulting in faster breakdown of the shoe. The best way to do that is to use a soft bucket cloth, regularly cleaning your branded leather shoes.

Never use chemicals to clean up

In any case, you should never use chemicals to clean crocodile shoes, especially alcohol or acid solution because they make the skin fade quickly and cannot regain color automatically. Of course.

Store shoes properly

With branded crocodile leather shoes, after use you must preserve by storing them in a well-ventilated place, not to be mixed with other types of footwear to avoid form damage and scratching of shoes. The best way is to cover the shoes and put them in the box. If not in use for a long time, wear shoes to the natural environment to prevent mold and humidity without even knowing it.

Take turns using different shoes

Changing the use of different shoes during use is the best way for you to preserve your shoes, limit the moldy condition, otherwise give the shoes time to dry. , reducing the time to use natural shoes will be better preserved

Product warranty at stores, shops

One more thing that you should not ignore is that you often visit your store or shop to buy products for a warranty, free cleaning. Because usually, genuine stores and shops will have warranty services for their products. However, you need to ascertain that you need to have purchased products at reputable stores and shops. Please note this.

How to tell if genuine and fake crocodile leather shoes are

Wearing a crocodile leather shoes not only to show class but also to help you assert elegant gentleman style. Owning a pair of crocodile shoes can say you own the wonders of nature, because every leather makes the shoe has its own unique features that are not duplicated, this can be said to be a great feature. of crocodile skin. Therefore, its value is not cheap, currently there are many fake products on the market, but very sophisticated brand names are sold at low prices. So how to distinguish what is genuine and fake crocodile leather shoes?

– Test by feel by hand: With real crocodile skin, when you apply force to the surface of the skin, immediately the skin will be elastic and return to the old shape. In contrast, with the fake shoes, when touched, you will feel the skin is very hard and absolutely no resilience.

– Test by observation: Specifically, branded crocodile leather shoes will have grainy, irregular, not following any rules. So if you see on the leather shoes the textures are good, then be aware because it might be fake crocodile shoes

– Test using water: This method is very simple, you just need to put a little water on the shoes, observe if the water leaked into the skin, this is real leather because the characteristics of genuine leather are water permeable. If the water gets dripping and you see water flowing around, this is a fake leather shoe

– Pay attention to the color of the shoes: Changing with branded shoes, there will be no phenomenon of patchy colors, small spots, or scratches on the skin surface. Real crocodile leather shoes will have a uniform color.

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Currently on the market, how much is reputable crocodile shoes?

Not too rare and expensive as before. The expansion of crocodile breeding for leather has become popular in Vietnam. The farms have a crocodile breeding model for leather to serve the needs of producing fashion items, for this reason, so all crocodile products including fish skin shoes. crocodile prices significantly reduced. This is probably good news for many fashion followers who love crocodile products.

Many people believe that the quality of crocodile skin crocodile is not as good as leather. natural because it has industrial breeding nature. However, you can rest assured that the quality of these models is up to international standards, the quality is sufficient to export to other countries. Therefore, you can be completely assured that the price of high-class crocodile shoes is a bit high but in parallel with the quality of the product is also 100% guaranteed.

Each style and model will have different cheap or expensive prices. The average price for crocodile leather products currently ranges from VND 4,000,000 to VND 8,000,000. There are also higher prices for special editions or designs.

Note that low-priced crocodile leather shoes should not be purchased

Although the current price of crocodile leather shoes has decreased significantly and is suitable for more customer segments. But compared to other products, this is still a high-value item. Therefore, if you are planning to own crocodile leather shoes, you should find out, do not trust the cheap shoes for sale rampant on social networks or small shops and shops. trademark. Ideally, you should go to major brands to get the most specific product advice.

The only way to buy quality products is to go to the store, learn, check the product directly. Because in fact, there are establishments and shops, shops colluding with each other to intentionally make fake shoes but stick with branded goods with many sophisticated tricks to see the customers’ eyes to gain profit. Therefore, be a smart consumer. Learn and consider carefully the cheap products posted on social networks to avoid losing money.

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So where to buy crocodile leather shoes where brand cheap prestige, high quality in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Where to buy crocodile leather shoes in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang? Normally, when you are interested in a certain shoe model, including crocodile shoes, certainly the following factors are your top concerns: Shoe color, design and style. Next comes quality, elasticity and comfort. How is the product price?

And a place selling genuine crocodile leather shoes is the place to satisfy all of the above factors.

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Buying and selling crocodile leather shoes in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi

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Buying and selling crocodile leather shoes in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi


With over 40 years of experience in leather industry and a brand of crocodile skin fashion with age 14 year. Under the skillful hands of skilled workers, Viet Phong is a chain of stores that provide absolutely genuine and crocodile leather shoes. With the mission of bringing trust, satisfaction and joy to customers, we are proud to bring 100% genuine crocodile products, with a variety of designs and styles for customers to choose. Therefore, many customers trust and choose Viet Phong when wondering where to buy quality crocodile shoes.

The reasons you should choose reputable luxury crocodile leather shoes in Viet Phong

Long-term use: Made from crocodile leather (2-sided leather or whole skin …), the shoes own a very high durability. Because crocodile skin is elastic and supple that no other skin can overcome whether it is in any type of 2-sided skin or any other type. With ordinary leather like cowhide, you need to regularly polish to maintain the new, with crocodile leather shoes are very special, when using you just need to do a simple operation that is using bucket cloth Immediately rubbing your crocodile leather shoes will be glossy without having to use any chemicals.

Giving men the confidence, high-class fashion style without worry: In the special texture of leather, each skin will have different patterns and each crocodile will have different skin patterns. . The shoes are combined from different areas of the crocodile skin, so one thing is for sure, no two shoes will be the same. This is really an interesting thing that only crocodile skin can have.

Using the most natural materials, applying modern and professional technology in all stages of processing. Viet Phong meets all the most stringent requirements. Through the enthusiasm and love of the craftsmen, the products are made with reputable standards of perfect quality, beautiful models, durable and consumer-friendly with competitive prices. Therefore, many customers come back to buy Viet Phong crocodile leather products and feel completely satisfied when looking for the answer to the question “Where to buy genuine, crocodile leather shoes” in Viet Phong? .

Owning many chain stores in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and especially a store in Moscow, Russia. Make sure you check the product firsthand. In addition we also develop an online shopping system. Serve the needs of all customers far away. With dedication, always answer questions and give enthusiastic advice. Viet Phong alligator also supports prestigious free delivery nationwide. Your job is to choose the product you like and the rest Viet Phong is worried.

Owning a pair of branded crocodile leather shoes , high-class beauty and fashion is probably Most people want it. Not only aesthetic, durable challenges time, but it also makes you become more luxurious when appearing. Therefore, through this article, Viet Phong hopes that you will have more knowledge and experience to choose the best and most quality crocodile shoes as well as the answer to the question “Buy fish skin shoes where are all the good bargains? ”.
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