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Meticulously crafted from crocodile leather material with durable and long-lasting construction, VIETPHONG's women's crocodile leather bags are always a stylish accessory suitable for outings or elegant parties.

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VIETPHONG High-Quality Affordable Crocodile Leather Bags (Pair)

These are essential accessories for both men and women, as they exude luxury and sophistication for those who own them.

Are you looking for a durable genuine crocodile leather bag for women? Do you love leather goods but are unsure where to find high-quality leather bags? Look no further than VIETPHONG bags and briefcases. They are trusted for their elegance and quality.

VIETPHONG branded whole crocodile leather bags and briefcases still win the hearts of many women.

Because the fashion style always leads in design and aesthetics.

Crocodile leather bag

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With various styles, sizes, and colors, they will make every woman marvel and praise. Because each bag is unique, there is no second one exactly the same. Each crocodile has a different structure, so the products all have special vein patterns. And perhaps none are identical.

If you have the opportunity to buy a VIETPHONG bag in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, or Hanoi, you can be completely assured that your product will stand out in the market for high-end affordable crocodile leather bags.

VIETPHONG branded crocodile leather bags and briefcases bring a completely new level of sophistication

Genuine white crocodile leather bags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi are fashion icons. It can be said that VIETPHONG crocodile leather bags for men, genuine brands are among the items coveted by many ladies. Because of the artistry and aesthetics it brings, it cannot be compared to any other VIETPHONG bag.

Anyone who owns this VIETPHONG bag will feel more valuable. And receive countless admiring looks from everyone when they see you carrying them out.

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How to distinguish between genuine and fake crocodile leather bags for men and women

Look at the leather structure

The special leather structure is: “The longer you use it, the shinier and softer the leather surface becomes naturally”, which you will not find in fake ones. Instead, fakes will be harder and less elastic.

Check the price

A genuine VIETPHONG whole crocodile leather bag has the lowest price starting from 700,000 VND/piece, so if you see any bag or product priced below 600,000 VND, be careful because it may be fake (unless you are buying second-hand items).

Crocodile leather bag

How to distinguish genuine and fake bags based on color

If you pay close attention, you will see that genuine women’s whole crocodile leather bags usually come in colors such as: pale yellow, bright yellow, black, earthy brown, and reddish brown. Particularly, on these leather pieces, there are some small holes accompanied by scratches.

These points are created because their feet tread on each other when they are alive. Where to buy genuine white crocodile leather bags in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi?

Physical differences

There are two easiest ways to distinguish, that is by dripping a small drop of water on the surface and waiting for a few minutes. If it’s genuine, you’ll see the water seeping into the leather, if it’s fake, it will roll away.

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Buying VIETPHONG products is amazing

The products are beautiful, luxurious, and suit me very well.

Nguyen Hoang Yen / CEO

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For the convenience of customers, VIETPHONG guarantees all officially distributed products with the VIETPHONG logo on them, without needing to present a warranty certificate.

Customers can exchange for other products when receiving products that do not match the description on the website, products with manufacturing defects, or if they are not satisfied with the purchased product.

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