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You are looking at a high quality Vietnamese Phong 2-sided crocodile leather wallet, mini size. The products are always refined in art as well as in advanced technology. Viet Phong is confident that leather wallet will bring satisfaction to all of you.

Come to Viet Phong’s fashion shops for cheap crocodile leather wallet for men and women to admire these beautiful dishes.

Currently, Viet Phong develops a variety of fashion products made of different crocodile materials. In order to meet all the usage needs of consumers. In which 2-sided crocodile leather wallet Viet Phong is a high-class product that is loved and received by many customers.

The hand wallet is made of 100% alligator skin with a sophisticated and modern design. Bring customers a convenient fashion accessory in life but also indirectly speak the owner’s class and trendy style.

Men’s products, whole crocodile leather purse

The wallet is designed with many different lines, separate designs from simple to sophisticated. Come to Viet Phong crocodile store to see for yourself these extremely beautiful, luxurious and noble products for men and women. VP is always ready to welcome customers in all regions of the country.

Whether you are a gentle lady or personality, choose the right purse. The product has high applicability in life. Suitable for ladies to work, go out or go to a party.

Over the years, with creativity in design, with the anticipation of world fashion trends. The mini size models of cheap Viet Phong crocodile leather purse in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, and Hanoi have increasingly won the hearts of many customers.

Come to Viet Phong to see brand-name products, genuine, genuine and extremely high-class. Many customers choose a leather wallet branded Viet Phong as their intimate accessory. To give yourself luxury and pride in great occasions.

Squeeze the Vietnamese Phong 2-sided crocodile wallet

Especially, owning the wallet makes you extremely surprised about the beautiful design, rare alligator material, and the durability over time. When you carry these wallets with you, you will become extremely luxurious and classy.

A quality product, increasingly gaining the hearts of many domestic and foreign customers. Squeeze crocodile leather wallet Viet Phong HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi how much does it cost? It is a question that customers are particularly interested in.

Where to buy real crocodile leather wallet in HCMC, Nha Trang, Hanoi, how much does it cost?

High-end Viet Phong full-bodied alligator wallet with the sophistication of the design and the finest leather material is the perfect choice for customers who love luxury and class. .

Instead of choosing other branded products, use Viet Phong brands. Let VP help you stand out and be more impressive than ever.

Besides specific information about Viet Phong brand name products. Providing an address to buy 2-sided crocodile leather wallet in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi will help you buy quality leather products at the most affordable prices.

Experience choosing to buy cheap crocodile leather wallet with Viet Phong

  • Select a squeeze according to the part of leather used.
  • Experience and how to choose a matching color leather wallet.
  • Choose by style, design.
  • Experience and how to choose to buy leather massage is recommended to buy at shops, leather stores with reputable and quality brands.

How to distinguish a real crocodile leather wallet

Visual observation

Cheap whole crocodile leather wallet you will observe on the skin you will see scars during the crocodile’s life. You know alligators are ferocious reptiles, they love to fight and hunt, so their skin leaves behind scars. Through the process of tanning and machining, the scars remain. If the leather is fake, it will be smooth and not traces.

Check by hand

You should press hard on the product, if the leather is fake, the marks when you release the hand will not return to the original state and still have the mark there. As for real leather, you will see when you let go of your hand, the mark will disappear because of the crocodile’s very elasticity and flexibility.

Water test

Try to put a few drops of water on the surface of the wallet. Where water spills out around and isn’t absorbent, it’s definitely fake leather. In the case of a male and female crocodile leather wallet, when you put a few drops of water on the surface, the water will slowly seep through the pores on the skin’s surface, which only real leather can get.

Smell the product

Try putting a crocodile wallet on and sleeping, if you feel a slight smell of fat, it is real leather because of organic ingredients in the skin, and fake leather will smell unpleasant from the synthetic resin material. Candlestick.

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