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Things to know about Viet Phong Crocodile Co., Ltd – World-class Vietnamese fashion brand

If you are a lover of luxurious beauty and class; surely items with crocodile skin material will not be too strange. However, where to buy this brand product? Maybe not everyone knows.

Viet Phong is proud of being a Vietnamese fashion brand specializing in genuine and high-class crocodile skin products with a variety of models such as bags, wallets, belts, shoes, … Please join us for an examination. Discover interesting things around Viet Phong class brand through the following article.

Introduction of Viet Phong crocodile

Born in 2005, Viet Phong crocodile fashion brand has been constantly developing and affirming its prestige and position in Vietnamese customers’ hearts. With the motto of providing customers with products that are not only beautiful and convenient in life, they also show customers’ class. Viet Phong always strives to bring increasingly perfect products from materials to designs to consumers.

Quality raw materials

Crocodile is extremely rare animals. Their skin has a very high aesthetic value and value. In order to bring the highest quality products with the best; Viet Phong uses 100% natural crocodile skin material; Apply the same modern technology; Combined with the talented hands of skilled craftsmen, the products have been produced not only beautiful but also durable over the years.

Characteristics to identify products from natural crocodile leather material of reputable brand Viet Phong as follows:

– Skin structure: real crocodile skin is structured with joints that are naturally beautiful and soft, but touching the scales is quite hard. Therefore, the products made of this material the longer you use it, the softer it will become, the more natural the skin surface will become. Contrary to the original leatherette material you look will be very attractive because the product is very glossy. However, it feels hard and has little elasticity.
Especially if you are a lover of this material will easily recognize on the surface of real crocodile skin will have small pores, more rough. This is something leatherette can’t do

– Regarding skin color: High-class crocodile skin usually has a number of major colors such as yellow cockroach wings, bright yellow, black, earth brown, red brown … Meanwhile, the products of fake materials The skin will have a more varied and eye-catching color.

– About the scent: real crocodile skin will smell of swampy, or the salty smell of crocodile skin is in stark contrast with synthetic resin smell of leatherette material. Natural crocodile skin with beautiful colors.
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Various product models

The high-class products from genuine crocodile skin in Viet Phong are extremely diverse. From purses, shoes, belts, … to trendy gentlemen. Come samples of bags, clutches, wallets, … for trendy ladies.

Viet Phong provides various crocodile skin fashion products

With these products, customers can freely use in daily life. As well as important occasions, ceremonies, parties, etc. Make sure to hold these high-class brand products in your hand will help you become extremely prominent and attractive in the eyes of people.

Trendy design, advanced, trendy

When it comes to crocodile skin products; Many people worry because they create a sense of luxury and class just suitable for middle age only. However, when coming to Viet Phong showroom, you will be really surprised.

With a young design team, always grasping and leading the trend of modern fashion. Along with modern technology and skillful hands of craftsmen. Therefore, it has launched prestigious and quality products but no less beautiful. Not inferior to branded products with expensive prices on the market today. Therefore, Viet Phong’s products are completely suitable for customers of different ages.

Highly durable products

Made of animal skin known as swamp assassins. For these reasons, Viet Phong branded products are always durable. If properly stored such as: no contact with water; Do not use detergents, limit to too much money, papers that cause loss of shape … The product will have a life of up to 10 years or longer. This is one of the most outstanding advantages of this product line compared to other materials on the market today.

Cheap, suitable for many customers

With all the advantages such as: beautiful and unique design; high durability, high applicability in life, … products from crocodile skin material are increasingly trusted by customers.

Currently, the cost of a crocodile skin product depends on many factors such as: the size of the leather, the origin of wild crocodile skin or captive; Use 1-sided leather or 2-sided leather …

In fact, these high-end products have a high price compared to other materials. But with the great value you receive. Surely this will be a cheap price and absolutely worth it. Not only bring you beautiful products but also contribute to creating a level and style for you.

With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing branded products from high-class crocodile skin in Vietnam. Viet Phong is proud to be the address that thousands of customers love in the past. Don’t just buy beauty products yourself. but many customers also come to Viet Phong to choose for their loved ones, partners, customers, … the most valuable and meaningful gifts.

Viet Phong branded items that you should not ignore

In order to meet the increasing demands of numerous customers today; Viet Phong has constantly created and sold the most advanced products; Meet the needs of everyone from men to women.
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Crocodile leather handbags Viet Phong

Bags are an indispensable item for everyone. But how do you stand out and impress among a crowd? Actual present; If you choose the famous brand expensive bags. However, with the technology of making counterfeit goods, counterfeit goods are extremely sophisticated. Products with similar designs are pervasive. That, inadvertently makes you a lot less outstanding.

High quality crocodile leather handbag with Viet Phong brand name with youthful style

In contrast, with 2-sided crocodile leather material. Different than the materials of cow leather, goat leather, … usually only one skin pattern only. In contrast to crocodile leather material; Although animals have the same breed, there will be different skin patterns. This is considered the most outstanding value of this product line. Therefore, even if the design is not too picky, the genuine Viet Phong crocodile leather handbags also help you become more outstanding and impressive.

With the talent and the relentless creativity of designers; Viet Phong branded handbags all have extremely luxurious and sophisticated designs. Especially with modern technology brings products with extremely eye-catching and impressive colors; that you can hardly find in the market.
Models of women’s handbags with product lines such as Flap Backpack, Mia, Marcy, …. bring style from luxury, classic to modern and elegant. Therefore suitable for women of all ages with different fashion styles.

On the contrary, the men’s handbags are modern and simple; highlight the strength and schedule of gentlemen.

Crocodile leather wallet Viet Phong

In fact, wallets are not simply places for cash and personal items. They are also feng shui objects; Fashionable items indispensable for men and women today.

For women; crocodile leather wallet products have been designed with many different product lines such as: James clutch, small clutch, … with distinct designs from simple to sophisticated. Therefore, whether you are a gentle lady or a personality, you will definitely choose the suitable wallet products when coming to Viet Phong showroom. The product is suitable for women to use in all situations from work, outings to parties extremely striking and impressive.

For men, the wallet is designed with simple and delicate 2-sided leather in style and color. However, with luxurious crocodile leather material, it does not make these clutch models simple. On the contrary, extremely strong and personality.

Crocodile leather belts Viet Phong

These are indispensable accessories for men in everyday life. Made of 100% crocodile leather material; with three main types: 2-sided smooth leather belts, 2-sided leather belts, 2-sided full leather belts offer a variety of attractive options for customers.

The products are extremely luxurious and durable. Using these high-end products will help you feel more confident and dynamic in important events that require the most complete and perfect preparation.
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Crocodile leather belts Viet Phong

Belts are indispensable fashion accessories for women; Can be used when wearing casual pants, jeans or skirts, … Usually models of cowhide, goat leather, ostrich leather, … are more widely used, … However When you first use crocodile leather belt model, you will be really surprised because of their use.

– Beautiful and youthful belt design. This is certainly the first impression of women. Because with crocodile skin with beautiful patterns, diverse colors. Same design leather belt buckle 2 sides trendy. Bring a perfect accessory for every outfit of women when going to work, go out or party.

– With crocodile leather material, you will definitely help you to be more confident in important events.

Crocodile-skin wallet Viet Phong

Squeeze is a tool of separation for all men. Besides beautiful squeeze patterns; High-strength products are also important criteria that many people choose today.

Genuine Viet Phong crocodile leather wallet is made entirely of natural crocodile skin material with modern technology to bring products that meet all criteria set by consumers. In order to bring satisfaction to all customers. Viet Phong has launched a range of pouches with various designs such as: crocodile whole leather pouch, 2-sided, 1-sided, etc. Depending on your preferences, style and budget. You can own an impressive wallet right away. In addition, this is also a meaningful and cheap gift for dear men, isn’t it?

Crocodile leather shoes Viet Phong

Understanding that gentlemanly gentleman always wants a model of high-class and prestigious leather shoes. Not only helps the steps become smoother and more confident. On the other hand is a fashion accessory that speaks for its style.

Therefore, Viet Phong fashion has constantly sought and launched male leather shoes with 100% crocodile leather material. Shoe style is youthful and luxurious style. Along with that are the masculine colors. Launched products that conquer the most demanding gentlemen.

With a variety of products for many ages, genders and different styles. Make sure to come to Viet Phong’s store, you will choose the products you like for yourself and your loved ones. So where to buy this reputable, cheap fashion products? Please continue with us

Where to buy genuine Viet Phong crocodile fashion products?

With nearly 15 years of construction and development; Viet Phong brand has been constantly developing and affirming the number 1 position in the hearts of customers whenever it comes to products made of crocodile skin. Each year the company sells thousands of quality crocodile skin fashion products at cheap prices to all customers
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In order to help many customers all over the country of Vietnam and the world ‘s friends can own high quality branded products from natural crocodile skin. Currently, Viet Phong has been expanding and developing its genuine and prestigious store system in many big cities in the country and abroad:

– The store in Ho Chi Minh City has the address at 43 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District

– In Nha Trang city there are 7 stores at the address

+ Shop No. 1 at 24 Biet Thu Street, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop No. 2 at 111A Nguyen Thien Thuat, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop No. 3 at 65A Hung Vuong, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop 4 at 271 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop No. 5 at 161 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop 6 at 64 Tran Phu, Loc Tho Ward
+ Shop No. 7 at C13 Hon Chong, Vinh Hai Ward

– In Mui Ne, the store has the address at 53N Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

– In Moscow, Russia: Viet Phong genuine store is present at Hanoi – Moscow Center at Yaroslavskoe Shosse 146, Moscow, Russia.

When coming to buy goods directly at the store system, customers will be able to personally check the quality of crocodile skin, ready to enthusiastically advise crocodile leather products to meet the needs. Best.

In addition to the system of nationwide stores, Viet Phong also develops an online sales system. Remote customers can contact to buy products at online stores on Fanpage or contact us via phone number, a team of consultants are always online, answering all questions, consulting enthusiastically. buy and sell your crocodile skin fashion.

With the above information, you definitely have your own best answer to the question of where to buy cheap Viet Phong branded products, is it right?

Ensure that when buying and selling goods at Viet Phong you will receive the most prestigious products and services today:

– Items sold by Viet Phong commit to be 100% made from leather crocodile is most beautiful in Vietnam.

– Having consulting services, sales, customer care and professional warranty. Help customers confidently choose the most beautiful and suitable products.

– Commitment to compensate 100% of the order value if fake or poor quality goods are detected.

– Bring consumers the most beautiful and impressive brand name products with the cheapest price on the market today.

– Especially Viet Phong always offers many special offers during big occasions of the year; help many customers own beautiful crocodile skin products .

Hopefully the article has brought customers the most general overview of the brand Viet Phong fashion . Owning these genuine brand designs gives you a stylish and sophisticated style. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us directly through the following methods:

Viet Phong Crocodile Co., Ltd
Address: 43 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone number: +84 913-603-412

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