Warranty Policy

VIETPHONG always strives to provide customers with an excellent shopping experience through a diverse range of products, fashionable designs, modern and elegant stores, and continuously improved after-sales services. Accordingly, VIETPHONG has improved and implemented Lifetime Warranty Policy for all customers shopping at VIETPHONG stores nationwide and online through VIETPHONG’s social media channels and e-commerce platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Shopee.

1. Warranty Procedure

For customer convenience, VIETPHONG warranties all officially distributed products with VIETPHONG’s logo on the product, without the need to present a warranty card.

2. Conditions:

Products are warranted free of charge during use for the following cases:

  • Insoles, cushion insoles, anti-slip sole attachments, peeled soles, worn heel nails, torn elastic, torn stitching.
  • Edge paint defects.
  • Decorative details, accessories (buckles, hooks, zippers, etc.). Accessories attached to the product, if no replacement accessories are available, will be replaced with similar accessories.

3. VIETPHONG rejects warranty claims for:

  • Products not distributed by VIETPHONG.
  • Excessively worn-out products (excessive wear on leather and soles, no adhesive bond between leather and glue).
  • Products damaged and faulty due to customer-caused issues such as scratches, worn-out soles, products no longer intact due to animal bites, poor storage causing mold, fading, melting, etc.
  • In all cases, VIETPHONG’s decision is final.