Viet Phong Fashion Brand

Established since 2005, VIETPHONG is a fashion brand specializing in high-quality crocodile leather products. The brand’s declaration is to pursue elegance and sophistication while maintaining comfort and freedom, allowing you to confidently express your class and unique personality.

Viet Phong’s Mission

In the fashion industry, especially with crocodile leather products, emotions and personal colors are always paramount. Owning any crocodile leather product from Viet Phong, you can easily feel the harmony between exquisite beauty in designs rich in personality down to every small detail, every individual product; combined with practicality, easy to use in daily life.

With this philosophy, at VIETPHONG, crocodile leather products are not just ordinary fashion accessories but also a way to express personal statements, contemporary elegance of each individual, blending with the ever-changing contemporary fashion trend.

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VIETPHONG’s Pursued Values

As a crocodile leather fashion brand with over 18 years of experience and nearly 50 years of experience in the leather industry in Vietnam, VIETPHONG confidently brings the highest quality crocodile leather products under the skilled hands of craftsmen, along with understanding of the fashion industry in general and the leather market in particular.

VIETPHONG understands that each crocodile leather product is a fashion investment. Every bag, crocodile leather wallet can be likened to a companion – comfortable enough to accompany you every day, resilient enough to endure the years together.

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Highest Quality Leather Materials

Using the highest quality natural materials, applying professional technology and techniques in the processing process, every crocodile leather product at VIETPHONG meets the strictest standards, with the desire to bring products not only with fashion beauty but also with high durability, certainty over time of use, friendly to consumers and the environment.



About VIETPHONG’s Development

In nearly 15 years of operation, VIETPHONG’s philosophy remains unchanged; constantly listening, feeling the suggestions of customers to develop every day. This is most clearly demonstrated in each collection launched, each new store opened, or even in every employee interacting with customers every day, helping to spread the core values of the brand deeper and wider.

The VIETPHONG system now has five stores in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and especially one store in Moscow, Russia. When visiting directly at the store system, customers will be able to personally check the quality of crocodile leather, be enthusiastically advised by the staff on the most suitable quality crocodile leather products for their needs.

In addition to the nationwide store system, VIETPHONG also develops an online business system. Customers from afar can contact to buy products on VIETPHONG’s Fanpage or phone number. We have a team of staff always available online, answering all questions, advising on fashion crocodile leather needs.

Even when you are unsure which product is most suitable for your personality, the VIETPHONG staff will be ready to be your strong hands – listening and understanding to help you choose the highest quality and most satisfactory crocodile leather products.

After customers have chosen their favorite products, VIETPHONG offers online ordering service and will deliver the products to your doorstep, free shipping nationwide.

Diverse Products, Meeting Daily Needs

For any fashion crocodile leather product needs, customers can find them at VIETPHONG. We continuously release handbag products, wallets, crossbody bags for office ladies, or perfect accessories for confident ladies to stand out at night parties. Gentlemen can also find comfortable shoes that still show style, a crocodile leather wallet or belt suitable for accompanying them anytime, anywhere.

Alongside that are products that update youthful, trendy trends such as clutch, crossbody, or belt bag… All are efforts to contribute to the greatest desire of bringing ecstatic emotions in fashion, confident style to fully express personal class and personality.

At VIETPHONG, we believe that a quality product originates from the most natural and pure values. Each VIETPHONG crocodile leather product is a representation of the perfect combination of choosing the right type of material, creative thinking in design, and the meticulousness of skilled craftsmen creating a crocodile leather product that becomes more valuable over time.