Return policy

Return policy VIETPHONG was born with the desire to bring customers the best shopping experience, the products of VIETPHONG when sent to customers are always guaranteed to be new, original, quality, correct with tissue information. descriptions and images on the website.
1. In what case can customers exchange products?
Customers can change other products when receiving products that are not in accordance with the description on the website, the product is defective due to the manufacturer or no longer satisfied with the purchased product.
Customers can change to another product only once and within 3 days from the time of purchase / receipt.
The exchanged product must satisfy the following conditions:
The product has not been used, not dirty.
Products must be goods distributed by VIETPHONG.
New product selected for redemption must have a value equal to or higher than the value of the exchanged item. In case the product selected for exchange has a lower value than the required product, the customer will not be refunded.
In case the product to be exchanged is booked during the promotion period, please exchange the product during the promotion period to enjoy the preferential price.
VIETPHONG does not accept delivery after the customer has paid. Therefore, when receiving the goods, please check the product carefully before making payment.
Option 1: Change directly at the store – Please bring the product to one of the VIETPHONG stores on the list for support to change products. See list of stores HERE.
Option 2: Change by post: For customers in areas that do not have one of the above VIETPHONG stores, please send products and accessories included, to the following address: 43 Tran Huy Lieu Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC
After receiving the product, VIETPHONG will conduct product inspection according to the product exchange regulations (this process takes about 2-3 days). VIETPHONG will notify the result to customers by phone and SMS after the test is completed.
– The parcel to be sent must specify the information corresponding to the address you have selected as follows:
43 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 12, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC
Recipients: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai
Phone: 0943 065 779
Content: Change goods VIETPHONG
– Customers are responsible for product integrity when sending to VIETPHONG.
Note: the value of the product is calculated according to the value of the product at the time of payment by the customer.
VIETPHONG offers free exchange of goods for customers when shopping at VIETPHONG in case the product is defective in production, scratched when shipped, or delivered by mistake.
However, in case the customer wants to change the product for subjective reasons such as not like the style, not like the color …, please pay the shipping fee in case the product needs to be converted at VIETPHONG’s warehouse.
In any case, the decision of Việt Phong will be the final one.